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Instaneo Free Call and Free SMS


Instaneo is a Unified Communications platform that contains the required server services to provide free calls, free sms, free chat and free email to several SSA mobile applications. Instaneo offers its members Mobile Messaging services, such as:

  • Fonea and Fonomas Android applications for free call and free sms.
  • Mesanall Android application for having chat with your Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk and Jabber accounts.
  • AudioEmail and Mail4Call Android applications for having mobile email.

All these applications are provided with no restrictions. No limitations. Wherever you are, whatever you do going Wi-Fi or surfing 3G.

We are mainly focused on VoIP. The following video provides intructions about how to use our Fonea application that supports both free calls and free SMS:


Does it cost me  anything ?

NO! Instaneo applications are completely free of charge. No obligations whatsoever from your side.

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